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Macey & Brett — Minted
Are you counting down with us???
The venue has been selected, the DJ is hyped and the hashtag is set.... #OnceUponAGreene Check out the travel tab for a listing of hotels nearby-




Macey and Brett

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

When best friends become more than....

Our love journey began in high school. There were no intentions of stepping beyond the friend phase.

After our graduation we became inseparable and officially became a couple.

As we matured, our love matured. We began to realize our love for one another became as vital as air we breathe. ..and what felt like the coldest night of our lives (Christmas Eve) ... instantly became one of the sweetest moments of our love story..

The proposal ..

We are excited to create more sweet moments with each of you- See you on the next page of our love story!